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Discover how to reset your food clock and reshape your whole body without hunger or cravings
When it comes to losing belly fat, timing appears to be about everything, from when you eat to when you exercise — even when you see the doctor or take your medicine!
That's what makes The Belly Melt Diet such a revolutionary new plan: It works with your body to make losing fat—including stubborn belly fat—easier than ever. And you'll discover in your 21-day free-preview copy the simple steps that can help you balance your body's hormones. Just look:
The perfect morning menu The perfect morning menu
It's filled with so-called "forbidden foods," yet it helps reset your food clock for the rest of the day. That way, you consume fewer calories, because you're just not hungry. See page 58 in The Belly Melt Diet.
The WORST lunchtime meal of all time
This one popular meal sets you up for a dieting disaster for the rest of the day. Simply avoid this food to help your food clock stay on track all day and all night. Page 59

How you can shut OFF your hunger hormones by snacking
Fact: Snacking on certain foods stimulates the secretion of a peptide that keeps your blood sugar stable. Result? Cravings go away...and you can lose weight. Which foods are best? See page 59.
How you can shut OFF your hunger hormones by snacking
One-minute trick helps boost weight loss and cuts your calorie intake
This simple, pre-meal secret helps reduce hunger and accelerate fat loss. A major university study recently revealed that test subjects who tried this secret lost an extra 5 pounds. See page 61.
  Lynn Jacobs LOST 10.2 pounds in 35 days!  
"Everything feels looser...
I feel much better. Last
week I started noticing that
everything feels looser,"
Lynn says. No wonder.
In just 5 weeks, she lost more than 10 pounds. Her energy and self-confidence are zooming, and she forecasts clear sailing ahead. "The program changed my behavior and got me into the right mode!" Read her full story on page 149 of The Belly Melt Diet.

A typical consumer who follows the program described in The Belly Melt Diet can expect to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per week.

  Triple your fat burning with the world's easiest activities!  
As little as 20 minutes will do. And if you exercise at the right time of day—in sync with your natural rhythms—you can get three times the fat-burning benefits. See page 92 in The Belly Melt Diet.

Build 29% more muscle
from the same workout

Scientists discovered that the time of day is absolutely critical for building muscle. If you follow your body's natural rhythms, the results are truly remarkable.

Secret food combinations to fill you up and slim you down
Learn the secrets of how to choose the right combinations of carbs, proteins and fats to help you stay full and slim down too. See details on page 102.

Bonus Chapter: Essential health care timing secrets!
The worst time of day to take blood pressure drugs. Page 39
The best time to get a pap smear for more accurate results. Page 142
The best time to have a tooth filled for less likelihood of pain. Page 142
The best time to have surgery for less pain and fewer complications. Page 92
The best time to have your cholesterol checked...get a mammogram...take vitamins...take allergy medications...and more!
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